"The death of a spouse or partner is different from other losses, in the sense that it literally changes every single thing in your world going forward. The way you eat, watch t.v., your friends, status...." unknown

It is not always easy to ask for help when you feel alone or vulnerable especially when you are used to being independent or having a partner by your side.  We lend our support to the widowed of all ages:


If you need help with: 


Yard work

 mowing - weeding - raking leaves


Light Chores

Packing boxes - cleaning out the garage  - painting a small room or porch - moving furniture from one room to the next or just a different location - 



Rides to or from a store -

Rides to the library - Rides to a Dr. Appt



Baking - Cooking - Kitchen Help - grocery shopping. 




Just ask we are happy to consider your request.


If you know of someone who is widowed and needs help please contact us for assistance.