Karly's Story

In the spring of 2016, Karly, a student at Northwest Missouri State University needed funding to help her travel and stay in Haiti, at the House of Hope Orphanage.   Orphans and Widows of Omaha donated over $1,000 to her funding.  The impact of these funds is illustrated in Karly's note to us...


Karly emailed: "I just to thank you for all that you have done for me and my trip to Haiti.  I cannot thank you enough for donating all the funds from your annual garage sale so that I was able to spend a week at the House of Hope Orphanage in Haiti.  Without the funds that I received from the garage sale I would not have been able to go on this amazing trip, and the children at House of Hope would not have received the amount of donations that they did.  For that, not only am I so grateful, but I know each and every child there is as well.  Thank you again, you have such a kind heart.  


I have attached some pictures of my trip so that you can see some of the lives of children YOU have touched.  Thank you, again. 


Karly J. "