We touch the lives of Young adults and Widows everyday in different ways. 

In 2018 to date, donations exceed 2500 lbs. of household goods. These donations have allowed young adults, families and widows to set up homes, with essentials. 

Donations* to date have included but are not limited to;

Sofas, Love seats, bookshelves, dressers, chairs, tables, dishes, linens, toasters, pot's & pans, hygiene's items, microwaves and crockpots

By working with community businesses to refurbish  worn out  furnishings we are able to repurpose these items for sale or other uses. Nothing is wasted.

*Donations include both widowed and young adult demographics


Education and partnerships are essential and this year we have prepared meals serving over 300 young adults in the Omaha area. 

By educating the local community to the needs of young adults transitioning out of foster care and into adulthood we create greater awareness of the issues faced by young adults.  This awareness generates donations and volunteers.

Fundraising is a necessary part of what we do.

2018 Annual Garage Sale profits $2100.

2018 Day of Giving Omaha Gives Charitable donations $900.

Misc donations  $500+

Grants are currently being pursued as another source of income. 

Volunteer hours for the year exceed 1000 hours and include board participation.

Community Partners We not only hold our own community events we participate in those held by our partners in the community. We assisted COPE of Elkhorn with food pantry and furniture. We sponsored a Face Painting table at Project Everlast Summer Picnic, donated 2 large raffle baskets for ENOA "stepping out for seniors" event and sponsored 10 walkers.  In October we provided "Bugs and Kisses" to 130 residents at Elk Ridge Retirement Center. Also in October we participated in the " Monster Mash " held each year at St. Patrick's Catholic School, this year over 1000 residents of Elkhorn passed through the event.  All of these events allow us to spread the word in our community and create awareness and passion for the young adults and widowed of all ages. 

Please think about joining us, volunteer or donate today!